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NextEUM IT has developed a wide range of products targeting healthcare and RMG industry. Our products are designed in innovated cutting-edge turn-key solutions to meet the rapidly evolving and growing requirements. Our comprehensive and flexible products and solutions are designed to:


  • Minimize paper work.
  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • Adopt international standards.
  • Sustain business workflow.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Assure quality customer service.


We’ve our own 100% customized enterprise resource planning, ERP on enterprise, RMG and healthcare sectors that have been designed & developed over the past 2 decades by a high quality degree of professionals.


All of our products & solutions are designed & developed on a robust, scalable, config.-based, multi-modular system SDK named n7-SDK®.


We follow rigorous quality management techniques, which along with our matured development processes ensure that a high quality is delivered in every phase of our software development and maintenance cycles.


We continuously thrive on success and attempt to reach out every corner of the country as well as the globe.

Products, Solutions, & Services

  • Specialized in healthcare and RMG industry automation.
  • Understand In-depth client business requirements.
  • Bridge the gap between business and technology.
  • Steer clients through technology.
  • Innovate state-of-the-art turnkey solution and services
  • Deliver world-class end-to-end IT solutions.

  • Create long-term relationship with our clients
  • Implement cutting-edge innovative solutions that meet client requirements with the
  • reality of the situation.
  • Guarantee high quality of our deliverables.
  • International standard and best practices adopted.
  • Continuous improvement.

  • Technology Consultancy Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Corporate Governance
  • Maintenance, Data Backup, Utility Services etc.
  • Managed DBA Services

  • Managed Datacenter & Disaster Recovery Services
  • Application Maintenance & Support Services
  • Business Performance Optimization
  • MIS Reporting

  • On-demand customizations
  • Ad-on features
  • Maintenance, data backup & utility services etc.
  • Managed DBA services
  • Managed datacenter & disaster recovery services
  • Application maintenance services

  • IT consultancy services
  • Data analytics
  • Business performance optimization
  • IT governance
  • Custom reporting

  • Garments/Textile industries
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Advertising and digital marketing agencies
  • Media and publishing
  • Financial services

  • Hospital & healthcare sectors
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Retail sales market
  • Manufacturing
  • IT service provider companies

  • Professional services
  • Consulting firms
  • Energy sectors
  • Education
  • Government sectors
  • NGOs etc.